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We offer Canine Transcervical Inseminations (TCI) at our privately owned clinic located in Espoo, Finland. All inseminations with fresh, chilled or frozen semen are performed intrauterally by endoscope. Reprovet also offers semen collections for quality control, international shipment of chilled semen, pregnancy controls, heat follow up by progesterone measurements and vaginal cytology.

Osaava, ystävällinen ja joustava palvelu.


Aivan huippu palvelua ja neuvontaa. Ihanan koiralähtöinen tapa toimia. Nyt odotellaan siementen itämistä.


Rautaista ammattitaitoa ja ystävällistä palvelua.



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Please contact us for further inquiries at + 358 45 6978 282 or e-mail: linda@reprovet.fi


Reprovet Oy

Our address is:

Peuraniitty 5 A 17
02750 Espoo


This is a newly constructed building, and some navigators have difficulties finding the address. Please try the alternative “Peuramäenkuja 7, 02750 Espoo” in case of difficulties.