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Canine reproduction services and semen bank.

We offer services in canine reproduction in Espoo, Finland. We freeze, store and distribute canine semen worldwide.

We are happy to help you in Finnish, Swedish or English.

At our private clinic, we provide a comprehensive range of reproductive services for dogs. The aim is to provide quality services in a cozy, unhurried environment where only treat breeding dogs. By not offering basic health care services at our premises, we aim to keep any risk for contagious diseases as low as possible. We strive to support the breeder in important breeding work, from monitoring of heat until the birth of puppies. Patient safety and consideration for both the customer and the dog are of paramount importance to us. Procedure times are always long enough to allow the dog to calmly explore the premises and the staff. With the help of modern technology, we strive to show and educate the owner as much as possible at the time of the visit.

Let's explore the exciting world of reproductive science together!

Lena Lindh
Veterinarian, Small animal reproduction
ECAR-resident, PhD-candidate, University of Helsinki
CEO, Founder, Reprovet Oy
Mother of three
Owner of two dogs
Lena Lindh